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Process high volumes automatically and intuitively

Whether you are concentrating, recovering, processing or recycling solvents – in the daily use of a large scale rotary evaporator, filling, draining and cleaning takes most of the time. Not with a Hei-VAP³ Pro large-scale rotary evaporator system! The automatic module Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro is designed to relieve you of these time-consuming and arduous work steps. The operation is deliberately designed to be intuitive so that you have time for more important things!

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Evaporate innovatively, have time for more important things

You don't have to worry about anything: Once programmed, the Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro module fills and drains the Hei-VAP Industrial large-scale rotary evaporator in the Hei-VAP³ Pro system automatically and unattended. It detects when the medium you have supplied has been processed and switches itself off automatically, including the peripheral devices. The automation eliminates the burden of handling of large rotary flasks because the module can dispense viscous residues. Cleaning is also carried out by the automatic module – you gain time and create space for more important things.

This will take care of itself!

Are you losing too much time refilling the rotary flask? The Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro automatic module does this and other work steps for you!
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Everything self-evident

An innovative and clear operating concept

Innovative technologies are a real help and relief when they are easy to understand and manage. During the development of the Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro automatic module, special focus was placed on supporting the users and not overburdening them. The structured user interface provides a quick overview of the system components, process times and parameters. The integration of a Hei-VAP³ Pro system into your daily processes is thus possible without having to go through a long operating manual.

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Always know what is going on

The animated, easy-to-read touch screen shows which step is currently being performed. A colour scheme will tell you what is happening at any time. The illuminated control knobs even show you from a distance whether the system is being aerated, whether it is under vacuum or overpressure.

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The right system for your tasks

The Hei-VAP³ Pro system is available in a variety of packages to suit your tasks: You can choose between the setup for the efficient processing of the most common solvents or a variant for high boilers and reflux applications. In addition, a package is available specifically for processing foaming media.

Robert Löschel, Entwickler des Hei-VAP³ Pro

Robert Löschel, engineer of the Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro automatic module

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We are here for you!

Full support from our experts

Are you worried of not being able to cope with a Hei-VAP³ Pro system? Don't worry, we support you anytime! If you wish, one of our experts will come by to explain the operation to you in detail! Our promise: We only leave when you feel safe and everything works according to your ideas!

Frequently asked questions

A special cleaning mode is available for the Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro module. You can choose between the quick flushing of the educt line, residue line and rotary flask or an evaporation process to clean all components (including collector vessel and glassware). For flushing, use a solvent suitable for the substances you process.

The Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro module has a special mode for manual operation. You can conveniently fill the rotary flask with a tap using the system vacuum. The distillate is drained automatically. The residue must be emptied manually in this mode.

The name of the Hei-VAP³ Pro systems is derived as follows:
The abbreviation 'Hei' refers to the manufacturing company Heidolph Instruments GmbH & Co KG.

The Hei-VAP series of Heidolph Instruments includes the product category of rotary evaporators. VAP is derived from the English word for rotary evaporator. The Hei-VAP³ Pro system includes the Hei-VAP Industrial large-scale rotary evaporator.

The superscript 3 refers to the comparison of a 24 hour operation to an 8 hour working day. The possibility of operating an evaporator system with Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro automatic module day and night unattended results in three times the daily operating time compared to supervised single-shift operation.

Yes. Thanks to sensor monitoring and emergency shutdown, unattended operation of an entire system is possible. The Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro automatic module is specifically designed to work safely overnight without the need for further monitoring. After processing the entire medium or in the event of a fault, the complete system including the peripheral devices is put into an operationally safe condition.

The Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro module is compatible with all Heidolph large-scale rotary evaporators of the Hei-VAP Industrial series.
The automatic modules Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro are only compatible with Heidolph rotary evaporators in order to guarantee the efficiency and the safety in the process with overpressure of the entire system.

Triple your throughput!

Processing more than three times as much without spending more time and attention? The powerful Hei-VAP³ Pro large-scale rotary evaporator systems from Heidolph Instruments make it possible.

Hei-VAP³ Pro - this stands for the combination of the large-scale rotary evaporator Hei-VAP Industrial and the new Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro automatic module. The system provides you with an intuitive, efficient and economical solution to process high volumes automatically. All-round gain in comfort and efficiency.

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Small automatic module, big impact

How to make better use of existing resources

The pressure to achieve more results and higher throughput in less time leads to the need to optimize internal processes. Existing employees and existing equipment must be used more productively. Discover how investing in a Hei-VAP³ Pro large-scale evaporator system can help you use existing resources more efficiently.

A worthwhile investment

Why does a Hei-VAP³ Pro large-scale rotary evaporator system pays off at the bottom line

As a person responsible for the budget, special attention is paid to the fact that new acquisitions are made sensibly and pay off. The available resources are to be used sustainably and future-oriented. Learn why investing in a Hei-VAP³ Pro large-scale rotary evaporator system really pays off.

Any questions? Get in touch with us!

You want to get an even better impression of the Hei-VAP³ Pro systems? In an online live demo from our showroom we present the system in action and answer all your questions!

Or arrange a consultation appointment with one of our experts. We take your requirements individually, checking which configuration is optimal for your process. If required, we also carry out feasibility studies so that you can be sure that everything works according to your requirements.