Invest well on the long term

Save costs with a Hei-VAP³ Pro system

Are you spending too much on purchasing analytical grade solvents and disposing of solvent waste? Maintenance-intensive devices that ultimately cost more money than they bring in?
Investing in a Hei-VAP³ Pro large-scale evaporator system can help you optimise your costs over the long term and save money.

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Solvent as a cost factor

How to reduce your acquisition and disposal expenses

Solvent acquisition and disposal are two of the biggest cost factors for laboratories and industrial companies. Whether it is for synthesis, chromatography or the cleaning of equipment and components, the expenses for acquisition and disposal are high.

You can save money by purchasing solvents with a technical degree of purity and independently (re)processing them - but this is associated with additional work in the company. The Hei-VAP³ Pro large-scale evaporator system takes into account both factors: smart automation allows solvents and their waste to be processed unattended overnight and over the weekend. This saves costs and reduces the personnel effort to a minimum.


The smart alternative

It doesn't always have to be bigger. If an existing device reaches its limits, or the purchase of a 50 litre or 100 litre large-scale rotary evaporator is planned, investing in a Hei-VAP³ Pro system is a lucrative alternative. Thanks to the independent filling and emptying of the Hei-VAP Industrial large-scale rotary evaporator with the Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro automatic module, the system gives the possibility of processing sample sizes beyond the limits of a manual 50 or 100 liter rotary evaporator — with less power consumption, increased ease of use and unattended continuous operation.

Think already about tomorrow: invest in a future-oriented way

New acquisitions must also be profitable in long term use. The Hei-VAP³ Pro system is made in Germany — for you this means: All components are made of high-quality materials and are designed for years of operation. Few consumables, easy maintenance and certification for unrestricted continuous operation guarantee a long service life at full performance.

The right system for every application

The Hei-VAP³ Pro system is available in a variety of packages to suit currents requirements: You can choose between the setup for the efficient processing of the most common solvents or a variant for high boilers and reflux applications. In addition, a package is available specifically for processing foaming media.

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Hei-VAP³ Pro Industrial Packages

all packages include:

  • Hei-VAP Industrial large-scale rotary evaportator with substructure
    With 20 l rotary flask and automatic bath refill for unattended and continous use. The substructure makes the rotary evaporator easily accessible and movable all around and ensures an optimal working height.
  • Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro automatic module with adapter suitable for the glassware
    For the automated filling of the rotary flask and the overpressure drainage of the distillate as well as - for packages with the mention "24/7" - of the residue.

Hei-VAP³ Pro Industrial
High Boiling Package

P/N: 518-11163-00

Single condenser, especially for high boiling solvents

  • Glassware R: For efficient evaporation of high boiling solvents such as xylene, DMF or DMSO
  • With shut-off valve for operating the rotary evaporator as a reflux reactor. A condenser with ascending condensation
    (condensation surface: 0,6 m²)



Hei-VAP³ Pro Industrial
Solvent Recovery Package

P/N: 518-14162-00

With double condenser for maximum distillation performance of the most common solvents

  • Glassware A1: Evaporation and clean separation with maximum efficiency. Suitable for the most common solvents (including acetone, hexane, ethanol and water)
  • A riser tube for optimal separation, as well as a condenser with descending and a condenser with ascending condensation
    (condensation surface: 1,2 m²)

Hei-VAP³ Pro Industrial 24/7
Foaming Package

P/N: 518-14166-00

With double condenser, especially for initially foaming media

  • Glassware A2: Evaporation and clean separation of foaming media with maximum efficiency. Suitable for most common solvents (including acetone, hexane, ethanol and water)
  • An expansion vessel as a foam brake, as well as a condenser with descending and a condenser with ascending condensation (condensation surface: 1,2 m²)

Hei-VAP³ Pro Industrial 24/7
High Boiling Package

P/N: 518-11165-00

with residue drainage

Hei-VAP³ Pro Industrial 24/7
Solvent Recovery Package

P/N: 518-14164-00

with residue drainage

Quality is the standard for us

Whether it is the selection of durable materials or the development of a user-friendly operating concept: offering you products of extensive quality is our claim during the entire product development process.

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Robert Löschel, Entwickler des Hei-VAP³ Pro

Robert Löschel, engineer of the Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro automatic module

“I go home only once the customer is satisfied!”

If something happens

Fast response times and support with problems

Even the best device can fail once. To minimize your loss of time, we guarantee a response time within 24 hours. Our service and application technicians will be on hand to assist you until your problem is solved and you can continue to work undisturbed. If necessary, we will come to you to carry out the repairs ourselves or train and certify your staff for this. Contact us!

Frequently asked questions

Yes. With the ability to process high volumes automatically, a system with a Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro automatic module can replace a 50 l evaporator. You benefit not only from the space savings, but also from the simplified handling compared to manual systems.

While the medium capacity of a 50 liter rotary evaporator is limited to approx. 25 liter, you can however process completely automatically higher volumes with a Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro for example from a 200 l flask.

The name of the Hei-VAP³ Pro systems is derived as follows:
The abbreviation 'Hei' refers to the manufacturing company Heidolph Instruments GmbH & Co KG.

The Hei-VAP series of Heidolph Instruments includes the product category of rotary evaporators. VAP is derived from the English word for rotary evaporator. The Hei-VAP³ Pro system includes the Hei-VAP Industrial-large scale rotary evaporator.

The superscript 3 refers to the comparison of a 24 hour operation to an 8 hour working day. The possibility of operating an evaporator system with Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro automatic module day and night unattended results in three times the daily operating time compared to supervised single-shift operation.

The Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro module is compatible with all Heidolph large-scale rotary evaporators of the Hei-VAP Industrial series.
The automatic modules Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro are only compatible with Heidolph rotary evaporators in order to guarantee the efficiency and the safety in the process with overpressure of the entire system.

Triple your throughput!

Processing more than three times as much without spending more time and attention? The powerful Hei-VAP³ Pro large-scale rotary evaporator systems from Heidolph Instruments make it possible.

Hei-VAP³ Pro - this stands for the combination of the large-scale rotary evaporator Hei-VAP Industrial and the new Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro automatic module. The system provides you with an intuitive, efficient and economical solution to process high volumes automatically. All-round gain in comfort and efficiency.

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Everything runs by itself

How distillation becomes a minor matter

Pressure to perform and a growing workload are omnipresent. Whether in laboratories or industrial companies, results must be achieved quickly and your precious working time must be used efficiently. It is therefore particularly important not to have to spend a long time operating a system. Discover here how a Hei-VAP³ Pro large-scale rotary evaporator system can make your daily work easier.

Small automatic module, big impact

How to make better use of existing resources

The pressure to achieve more results and higher throughput in less time leads to the need to optimize internal processes. Existing employees and existing equipment must be used more productively. Discover how investing in a Hei-VAP³ Pro large-scale evaporator system can help you use existing resources more efficiently.

Any questions? Get in touch with us!

You want to get an even better impression of the Hei-VAP³ Pro systems? In an online live demo from our showroom we present the system in action and answer all your questions!

Or arrange a consultation appointment with one of our experts. We take your requirements individually, checking which configuration is optimal for your process. If required, we also carry out feasibility studies so that you can be sure that everything works according to your requirements.